FIBRA Workshop

Moderator: Efthymia Alexopoulou

2:20 PM

Registration for Workshop & Introduction

2:30 PM

Danilo Scordia, G. Testa, E. Alexopoulou, and S.L. Cosentino

The promising perennial herbaceous energy crop for Mediterranean area giant reed (Arundo donax L.)

2:50 PM

Luigi Pari, and A. Scarfone

Harvesting of lignocellulosic crops

3:10 PM

Zofija Jankauskienė and E. Gruzdevienė

Recent results of flax breeding in Lithuania

3:30 PM

Coffee Break

4:00 PM

S. Piotrowski, R. Essel, M. Barth, Michael Carus, and S. Amaducci

Sustainability assessment of a hemp biorefinery: Preliminary results from the MULTIHEMP project

4:20 PM

A. Pascoal, Ana Luisa Fernando, R. Quirantes,

and A. Segura-Carretero

Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of kenaf leaves

4:40 PM

Defang Li, S. Huang, A. Chen, J. Li, and H. Tang

The breeding and development of kenaf in China

5:00 PM

End of the workshop