The kick-off meeting was took place in University of Bologna on 18th and 19th of October 2012 (

Events completed

Date and place


20 March 2013, Rome

organished by APRE, CRA and CRES

Workshop entitled

“Agronomy and logistics of fibre crops”

6 June 2013, Copenhagen

in collaboration with OPTIMA ( and EUROBIOREF (

Workshop entitled

Can European Agriculture Feed Sustainably both the Energy and Biobased Industries of the Future?

21-27 July 2013, Catania

organished by UNICT and CRES

1st Summer School (5 working dates)

30 October - 31 October 2013, Wageningen

organished by DLO and CRES

Twinning and Matchmaking event (2 days)

17 June 2014, Poznan

organished by APRE, LRCAF, WU, INF&MP and CRES

Workshop entitled

“Genetics and genomics of fibre crops”

26-31 July 2014, Lisbon

organished by FTC - UNL with the collaboration of CRES

2nd Summer school (5 working dates)

September 2014, Athens

Organished by CRES

Workshop in the framework of the AAIC congress ( focused on the project findings ( focused on the project findings 

March 2015, Helsinki

organished by APRE, VTT, and CRES

Seminar entitled

“Fibre crops in biorefinery concept”

July 2015, Beijing

organished by IBFC and CRES

3rd Summer school (5 working dates)

Large set twinning event (2 days)

November 2015, Brussels

organished by APRE, VTT, and CRES

Final Event entitled

“Boosting market share of fibre crops between EU and China”