In the light of a strong renewed interest in fibre crops and sustainable biobased production chains as well as the relevant research activity on fibre crops carried out from both counterparts’, a sound link between EU and China will lead to a wider stakeholders’ participation, while providing a long term vision on future and common research activities between EU and the Republic of China.

The FIBRA network has as main target to link the research activities carried out on both EU and China and to provide a long term vision on future common research activities on fibre crops and will improve researchers’ training opportunities.

The specific project objectives are:

  • To develop a resource efficient system via optimisation of raw material from fibre crops for multiple uses (crops breeding, crops agronomy, logistics, integrated assessment) (WP1)
  • To support the biorefinery concept for processing fibre crops (WP2)
  • To facilitate future collaborations between European and Chinese industries in the field of fibre crops and bio-based products (WP2, WP3, WP4, WP6, WP7)
  • To ensure a wide-range networking of the relevant scientific communities and stakeholders and the systematic establishment of linkages such as broad networking (WP3) twinning of large sets of research projects and consortia (WP4) and short exchange /visits of researchers and summer schools (WP5)
  • To improve training opportunities in the area of fiber crops to European and Chinese scientists (WP5)
  • To provide a long term vision on future common research activities that will contribute to the international policies of the EU (WP6)
  • To disseminate the project results (WP7)

A total number of eight work packages have been designed in order to fulfil the main FIBRA target and to achieve the FIBRA expected impact.

The expected impact of FIBRA project is the establishment of an effective and wide co-ordination of the research activities on fibre crops in Europe and China thus to stimulate a broad stakeholders’ participation and generate common research programmes to fulfil the international EU policy targets.